J. Valen Media

Passionate.  Driven. Effective.                                                 Creating a compelling online presence people notice!

NWRS.org is my Choir’s website and we are happy to provide this service. We are continually improving the aspects of the website as the needs of the choir grow. We have multiple sites including event scheduling and a full members only restricted website.

Magnet LogoHearthside Kennel wanted a modern design to help make their site work across all devices and assistance with making their web search rankings better. We created a new design that is template based on our hosting service and made the site more compatible with the current SEO requirements.

SeahawksCentral.com (shut down) was the first site J. Valen Media created. We worked closely with the Seattle Seahawks back in 2005 and delivered a set of desktop images for multiple resolutions, including multiple screens. Initially an ASP.net site, We converted the site to WordPress.com to maintain the free hosting aspects of the site.


CorestarPilates.com migrated from an ASP.net solution to a full WordPress solution hosted at a well known service provider. The goal was to make it easier for the staff at Corestar Pilates to maintain the website and products for sale. It has been redesigned by a third-party at this time.

sm_logo-300x92Stover Mathis Real Estate was a solution created to combine an IDX solution with a custom designed template. This effort provided a cleaner solution for the overall website and a mechanism to integrate with a higher quality IDX provider. It is no longer a company.